Thursday, 19 March 2015

Oakley | 3 Weeks Old

Oakley is already 3 weeks old! He is changing so much already! At 14 days old the health visitor had to come and check his jaundice as if a child is still jaundice after 14days it can be a underline health issue and it needs to be looked into. He was still very yellow especially his eyes at 14 days so she referred us to the GP who was also concerned and referred us back to hospital for blood work. I wasnt too concerned because he is very alert and i can see the colour of his skin in getting better but i knew he would still need blood work as they need to cancel out Liver disease. We went for blood work yesterday and it was the first day he was completely pink and the whites of his eyes were nearly completely white so when the doctor looked at him he said he looked really well but still recommended bloods. They took his blood and he let out a little scream then started to fall asleep, they were getting blood for ages but it didn't seem to bother him. I remember Lilly screamed constantly when they tried to get blood from her.

He is turning into a very content little baby, the first few days i thought he was just going to cry constantly but he has really settled and only cries when he has his nappy changed or when i undress him to bath him. He knows our voices now and will turn to us when we are talking and has started to watch Lilly when she is dancing around. 

Lilly is such an amazing big sister, i couldn't ask for a better daughter. It hasn't really affected her at all, she hasn't shown any signs of jealously and is really taking a interest in Oakley, she tells me when he is waking up, if he has done a poo and helps me wind him. Lilly always goes and gives him a kiss and a cuddle when he wakes up and keeps asking us to 'hold it' 

Oakley now weighs 9lbs 5oz! He takes between 3-4 ounces every 3 hours. I think he seems to think between 2 and 11 am is day time as he is awake the most then but I'm really trying to get him into some sort of sleep pattern that co insides with Lilly's as he keeps waking at half 5 in the morning which then wakes Lilly and she doesn't go back to sleep.

He is still in newborn clothes but his feet are starting to get too big for them but 0-3 months are way too big for him. He has really dry flaky skin on his face, hands and legs, and by just touching him it flakes off, i don't know what to try and use on him. I tried baby oil and lotion but it just makes his skin greasy and doenst seem to help the flaky skin so if any one has any recommendation's i would love to hear them.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Oakley | 2 week's old

 Today Oakley turns two weeks old. He already fits into our family like he has always been here. We had our first health visitor appointment on Monday and he now weighs 8lbs 11oz which is still under his birth weight but not by too much. He has been feeding better this week and wakes up for the most part every 3 hours for a feed and takes between 2-4 ounces, He is still in newborn clothes but i really want him to grow so i can put him in his 0-3months clothes as i have so many cute outfits for him to wear.

He is already changing and i can sometimes see Lilly is him when he is sleeping. His cord finally fell off on Monday which i was happy about because changing his nappy was even more awkward with the clip hanging down.

Night time is still when Oakley likes to be awake the most, he wakes at half 1 and half 5 but he takes so long to go back to sleep and wont settle unless I'm holding him. He also has to hold my finger whilst he feeds to sooth him off to sleep. He does sleep when Lilly naps so if i need to get a power nap in i still can which is amazing! The hair dryer seems to be the best thing to get Oakley to sleep if i need to or even the hover sends him straight to sleep.

Oakley is still jaundice, the health visitor just popped in to check his colour and has recommend we go and see the gp tomorrow for him to decided if Oakley needs more blood test and possible back in hospital for treatment which i don't think will happen because his colour has improved so much and i can now see the pink coming through his skin.

He is such a dream during the day now, he sleeps for the most part but when he is awake he is so content and his eyes now follow me and my voice.
We were back on labour ward at the weekend, my bleeding stopped and then i had just started to pour of blood and because i am anaemic i went really faint and dizzy which ended up with a trip into labour ward to make sure there wasn't a infection or any placenta left. Luckily everything seems OK and it was because i have been overdoing it.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Oakley | 1 week old

Oakley turned 1 week old on Thursday I cant believe he is already a week old already! Time really does seem to be flying by and i am enjoying every second of having a newborn again i don't want him to grow. This week has been such an amazing week as our family went from 3 to 4. Oakley was born on the 26th by c-section. He is such a perfect little boy and i cant believe how much i love him already. He now weighs 8lbs 9oz so he has lost some from his birth weight but he is still a big boy. We still haven't figured out what his middle name will be.

He is just like me as a baby, everything about him is all me which is nice as Lilly is the double of her daddy and its nice to have a baby that looks like my family. He has white blonde eyelashes and eyebrows just like i did so i think we are going to have a Blondie. He has such a strong neck and is constantly trying to lift his neck and when we wind him he wont keep still. He also has a really tight grab and loves to hold my hand when I'm feeding him. 

Oakley sleeps all day, and i mean all day but come 10pm, just as mummy wants to go to bed he is wide awake until around 2am then again at 5am. He isn't feeding great at the moment, he takes little bits here and there through the day then has two big feeds. He is so different to Lilly, Oakley wants to be held all the time and is really fussy if we put him down, any noise make him jump and he lets out a little squeak which is fun with two dogs and a noisy toddler! 

Its so different having a boy, changing his nappy has been 'different' i have finally got the hang of it but mike still cant get the hang of it. Oakley hates having his nappy changed, its the only time we hear him cry, he also hates being cold so i have to change him so quickly. He loves his swing but wasn't a fan of his moses basket however i bought a thicker more comfy mattress for it and he seems to like that alot more.

I am really looking forward to what the future weeks hold, he is such a precious little boy and i know how quickly they grow and I'm trying to take in every second. I will be wringing a birth story too to share how this Little guy came into the world.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Oakley's birth announcement

What's in my hospital bag

I was supposed to post this the other week but time flew by and i didn't get chance to edit and now i have actually been in hospital and had my baby! Even though this is my second baby i still love reading and watching what's in my hospital bag posts and videos on youtube. I think different people pack different things and you can always get helpful tips from different people. I packed my bag for a c-section. There are just a few things i have packed differently from my previous experience with having a c-section. With Lilly i packed pj's with bottoms and only 1 nightie and just 'big' knickers and they used to sit on the wound or just above and it was really uncomfortable so this time i packed the biggest knickers i could find and only nighties.
The bag itself is this lovely navy bag from pink lining. I first saw this in Anna saccone's hospital bag and knew i wanted it for my next trip to hospital. Not only did i buy this for hospital but it will make a great weekend bag as its huge and fits so much in. The bow print on the outside is really pretty and it is lined with the pink linings signature hot pink.
What i packed
4 nighties
5 extra large pants (ones that sit over your belly button)
2 maternity bra's
Dressing gown
Maternity pads
Emma Jane nursing bra
Makeup bag & brushes
c-section belt
Brest pads.
Shower gel
Body moisturizer
Dry shampoo
Shampoo & conditioner
Hair spray
Hand sanitiser
tooth paste 
tooth brush
Lip conditioner
face wipes
hair bands & clips
i also packed a mirror

As i knew that i would be waiting around for my c-section i packed two new books and my ipad filled with movies to watch but to be honest i was so nervous i couldn't concentrate and never ended up using any of these. I also packed a caesarean belt, which is a complete life saver and i would recommend anyone who is having a c-section to buy one. It added protection for when i am around Lilly and also helps with getting up.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

39 week pregnancy update!

I am now 39 weeks + 3 and our little boy will officially be here before my due date! I am so big and in alot of pain. Even my maternity clothes are getting too tight and telling me its time to get this baby out! I haven't updated my pregnancy updates yet but on our last consultant appointment we decided that i was going to have a delayed elective c-section. Usually a elective is done on the day you turn 39 weeks but as i was still a little unsure about a natural birth the consultant has decided to delay it for a couple of days in the hope i go into labor naturally. I wont lie im so scared about having a c-section but i feel like its the rite thing for me to do. I have been a emotional wreck the last few weeks and not a day has gone by where i haven't thought about how this baby is coming!

I have had my pre op appointment, where they go through whats going to happen, take bloods and have given me some tablets to take the night before and on the day before my operation. She asked if i was ok and i burst into tears. I think i have so many emotions going through my head and it didnt help that on monday lilly fell down the stairs and cracked her head open and we had to have a ambalence come and check her then have her head glued. This scared me so much and i have never left Lilly for a night or even a day and my anxiety is already through the roof and having this happen is making me more upset.

Having said that at the pre op the midwife told me that baby boys head is extremly low and not to be surprised if i go into labour naturally and low and be hold i have been having mild contractions all night which have eased off slightly but are still coming so i may actually be having this baby naturally! Who knows! But i did have contractions for 4 days before Lilly made her way into the world so im not holding up any hope. The pains are really strong in my back and also in my legs and when i spoke to my midwife she said it could just be him pushing on a nerve.

With all the scared and sad emotions about leaving Lilly, i cant tell you how excited i am to meet this Little man! To know that by the weekend he will be in my arms is such an amazing feeling! We currently have 2 names, Mikes favorite and mine and we are waiting to see when he is born what we think suits him best.

I will update my instagram @aprilandlilly when he is born most likely if you are interested :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What's in my baby's hospital bag

I am 39 weeks and i am due to have a c-section this week and thought it was about time i packed mine and baby's hospital bag! With Lilly i only packed enough things for staying 2 days. I also was told at my 3D scan at 28 weeks to prepare for a big baby so i packed only 0-3 months which were so big she looked ridiculous in everything so my mum had to go out and buy what she could in tiny baby for her. This time i have again been told he is big (they estimate 9lbs 8) but its a bit more accurate as i have regular growth scans but still everyone says that they can be wrong and he may be smaller. Before i knew his size i only had firsst size clothes packed, but now i have some newborn and two first size (just incase) and a pile of both sizes at home so mike can bring me more of whatever size if needed. 

I also packed a whole grooming set, towel, baby book and all that for Lilly and it was never used as my hospital dont allow you to bath them there so im not taking that this time. I have packed everything into my new storksak Olivia change bag, it has so much room and lots of different pockets to organize things. Here is everything i am taking for baby boy. I do also have nappies packed but they are in my bag as they wont fit.I was in hospital for 5 days with Lilly so i have packed for up to 5 days.

                                                                 4 new born sleep suits
2 first size sleep suits
5 short sleeved vests
    3 muslin cloths 
A blanket (i may take another incase)
 Going home outfit
Water wipes
2 Soothers (sterilized)
Baby powder
baby oil
Nail clippers

That is everything that i am taking, if i need anything else then Mike will be coming every day and can bring anything i need.