Wednesday, 28 January 2015

35 week pregnancy update! baby number 2!

I cant believe i am already 35 weeks. These weeks are flying by now and its becoming more and more real that I'm soon going to have another baby!! I have been finding these last few weeks hard, i remember around the 34 week mark with Lilly i felt the same and i had to leave work early as i wasn't feeling great all the time. This last week has been a little eventful in this pregnancy. I had a midwife appointment on Thursday and had more bloods done for my iron which was as horrible as always and she couldn't get blood out of one arm again so had to do my other. I heard the blood going into the tube and it made me feel all faint and horrible. My midwife also noticed a excessive growth spurt on my chart, i was always measuring behind and this week i was measuring a week ahead, she said it could be that he has moved or that i had eaten too much ( i said i had eaten too much) and as i had a growth scan booked with the consultant already for the Tuesday they would look into it then.

As i said in my last update i haven't been feeling movement as much, the beginning of this week i was feeling lots of movement and then on Friday i hadn't felt him move and i started to get a really intense pain in my side, so painful it took my breath away and i couldn't move. I kind of knew it wasn't pregnancy related but my midwife wanted me to go and get checked at hospital just to make sure everything was OK. We spent 3 hours in triage being monitored and looked at by a doctor as they needed to rule out a blood clot in my lung and turns out i just pulled a muscle in my side from coughing so much, i felt pretty stupid haha!

Yesterday i went to my second consultant appointment about my previous c-section and for a growth scan, baby is now weighing 6.2lbs! He is huge and they said he will be around 9 pound at my due date! This scares me because i plan on having a natural birth however if the baby is too big it lowers my chances of it being successful and meaning i will have a emergency c-section again. They want to examine me at 38 weeks to see if my pelvis is big enough to push him out but I'm starting to think i want a c-section again as I'm scared of going through what i went through with Lilly.

I'm also having braxton hicks every day, and a really strong pain in my lower back. I'm struggling to do anything and even the task of walking around Tesco is becoming a challenge. When I'm walking for too long i get pains under my bump and my bump starts to tighten and i feel faint, its no wonder as he is so big! I'm not sleeping well at all, i am so uncomfortable and feel like I'm constantly tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

I have packed my hospital bag now and will  hopefully be filming a video on that this week and we bought a few more clothes for him i may do a haul on.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer Review

A few months ago i decided to try a new concealer. Being a pregnant mum to a toddler can be very tiring and this shows in the shape of those lovely dark circles under the eyes. When i first bought this i fell in love straight away. The eraser is targeted at more mature skin to help cover fine lines and dark circles however it seems to be a huge hit with the younger beauty fan. I don't have fine lines yet but after seeing beauty gurus raving about it i thought i would give it a go.

 The packaging is one of a kind, with a small thin tube and a sponge applicator at the end. To release the product you need to twist the top and eventually the product comes out of top. I like how the sponge applicator applies the product, it really does glide onto the skin. The twist feature means that there isn't any product left in the bottom like a standard lip gloss type tube. The consistency is really light and a liquid formula which blends like a dream and it doesn't sink into any lines or pores. I use this under my eyes and around my nose where i have alot of pores and concealers tend to gather in the dry patches however this one doesn't.

My boots only seem to have three colours from the 5 available, fair medium and dark. I buy fair as its the lightest in i can get however i think i need the neutraliser or brightener as it is still a little dark for my skin.I have found the best way to use this product is under my foundation, it really does cover the dark circles and makes my skin look smoother and more awake, i can even get away with wearing this on its own with a powder. The concealer is £7.99 from boots  and to be honest you don't get much product for that. Alot of product can be wasted in the sponge and also if you loose the top like i did it does dry up very quickly so i would advise holding on to that top!

Overall i would have to say this is the best concealer i have tried from the 'drugstore' it beats the collection one we all love hands down and is a must for us tired mums!

Monday, 19 January 2015

34 Week Pregnancy Update! Baby number 2!

So its been a long old time since i have posted a pregnancy update. I really wanted to keep up to date both here on my blog and my youtube but i was so busy over Christmas and then me and Lilly got a horrible viral infection on new years eve and we were both stuck in bed and today is the first day we are both 100% better!

I'm now 34 weeks! I really don't know where the time has gone, it seems to be going really quickly now and i don't feel like I'm ready for him to come yet. There so much i still have to buy and i feel like every day I'm getting more nervous about the actual birth and leaving Lilly. There has been alot happening these last few weeks I'm now seeing my midwife every 2 weeks and have had my appointment with the 'VBAC team' The 'VBAC' team is basically a midwife at the hospital who goes through the pros and cons of both a natural and c-section birth to help me make a decision. I have already made my mind up before i went to see her but it was really nice to go and speak to someone who was really down to earth, supportive and didn't push a decision on me at all. I have decided to try and have a natural birth, mainly because of the recovery afterwards and i feel i would kick myself if i didn't at least try. Admittedly i still feel like i will end up have a c-section and if so I'm preparing myself and I'm OK with it.

I also have a bit of control over how long i go over my due date. I wont be induced and it will be a c-section if i don't go into labor naturally which i was pleased about as i really did not want to be induced again.

I'm also somehow measuring 2 weeks behind, and i have been have a few issues with baby boys movements. He was always very active at certain times in the day and around Christmas his movements really dipped, to the point where i didn't feel him move all day. I went to the midwife and she checked his heart beat and said he had a really strong heart beat and that i needed to feel 10 movements a day or i need to go and be monitored. I hadn't been feeling movements in the day at all and then when it came to the evening and i had tried a cold glass of water, poking him talking to him etc then i would start to think about calling the hospital he always would then move. Thankfully these last few days he has been moving alot more and i have a growth scan next week to make sure everything is ok ( i should have had it last week but i had to cancel because i was so ill)

How far along? 34 weeks!

Pregnancy symptoms: I'm having braxton hicks most mornings and also i feel alot of pressure 'down there' like his head is really trying to push down. I have the lovely pregnancy waddle going and can only be on my feet for so long before i start to get a ache in my abdomen.

Stretch marks: Still no stretch marks which I'm really surprised about but I'm not complaining

Sleep: Sleep has been a bit more of a struggle, i wasn't sleeping at all at night the last two weeks because of being ill and up with Lilly being sick and the last few nights i keep waking up at least 3 times.

Best moment this week: Feeling better and getting Lilly back to full health! 

Worst moment of the week: I had a burning pain in my stomach which i think has something to do with the amount of coughing i have been doing, that hasn't been pleasant.

Movement: Movement is starting to pick up again, i can feel his little feet kicking me under my ribs.

Food cravings: I'm not craving anything this week

Anything making you queasy or sick? No

Gender: BOY

Labour signs: Braxton hicks, and the pressure down there is making me a little nervous.

Belly button in or out? Its basically out now...

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or moody most of the time: I feel fine this week, I'm alot happier and feel as though i did before i was pregnant.

Looking forward to: My scan next week for reassurance everything is ok and he is on track.

I'm Also doing youtube updates on my channel HERE I'm going to be doing one week on my blog then the other on my channel.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

FLASH Jimmy Choo - Review

When it comes to fragrance it's clear to say that it is a very personal thing. I'm not one of those girls that has lots of different perfumes I love, in fact there is only one which I found many years ago whilst browsing duty free "Stella" in one. Stella is 'my scent' its the only perfume I found that I really love and to this date I have never found a perfume I prefer. Although I love my Stella I do have a small collection that people usually buy me for Christmas or birthdays, some unused and still in boxes as I'm so particular with my scents very few hit the mark.

This Christmas my mum bought me 'flash' by Jimmy choo, the box was a lovely glittery box and I thought it was going to be like most others and sit sadly in its box (sorry mum), used every now and again when I ran out of Stella. I was wrong. 

The bottle is a lovely disco ball type look and is a lovely purple colour. It came in a gift set, and the box was covered in silver sparkle. I find explaining scents really hard but this is a girly yet sophisticated scent, dare i say it to me it reminds me of a more sophisticated Britney spears scent which i think was called curious (i actually liked it) When i first sprayed Flash it is a nice scent but quiet over powering and a little sickly, which wears off to a lovely woody scent. It smells clean and quite floral like and would be perfect for the evening. I also was surprised at how long it lasted, it really does have a good staying power with just a few sprays.

What's your favourite perfume

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Emma-Jane Next Generation Maternity Bra Review*

When i was packing my hospital bag to have Lilly i never ever considered a maternity bra or even breast pads for that matter. I just assumed because i wasn't breast feeding that i wouldn't need a maternity bra and my regular bra would be fine. I was very VERY wrong. Anyone who has had a baby and knows whats its like when your milk comes in will know the importance of a good maternity/nursing bra. My milk came on day three and i was still in hospital and i was not prepared at all. My boobs literally doubled in size and were so painful and heavy. I was in so much pain the midwife advised my mum to go and buy me a good maternity bra, She said not to buy a padded one, one that's basically a normal bra but one with no padding and elasticated around the bottom, kind of like a sports bra. The midwife said that to help ease the pain a good maternity bra was a must as it would help pull and support everything.

 When i was offered the chance to review the Emma-jane next generation maternity bra i jumped at the chance. It is exactly what i have been looking for to add to my hospital bag. I am lucky that my regular bra's still fit through pregnancy but you can wear this maternity bra at any point in pregnancy when your normal bras feel uncomfortable. In the first trimester my boobs felt very sore and painful and i would recommend this from then as its perfect because it isn't under wired as this can cause the milk ducts to clog.

Another great thing about this bra is that it expands as you do as it is stretchy and has four back adjusters to grow with you. Its also extremely comfortable and feels like you are not wearing anything at all and is a welcomed change in my pregnancy as my bump is growing the wire in my bras are digging into where baby boy is laying.

The next generation bra has a ruched middle, and each cup has a clip for easy access on each side. The clips are also comfortable and really easy to unclasp and then re clip after feeding. When one side is unclasped the other side stays supported. The next generation maternity bra 'Kate' is also very affordable at only £14 which you can purchase from the Emma-jane website here  which i think is fantastic as most maternity bras are £30+ Its also available in two colour, this lovely pink or a pale blue to add a bit of colour to your maternity wardrobe and help you feel good from under to outerwear.The bra comes in a one size cup which fits from b-f and 3 back sizes 34-38.

The Emma-Jane maternity has a range of Maternity items on the website from nursing bras to clothing and night wear all at affordable prices.They have won many awards for their items and as the uk's largest maker of maternity and nursing clothing are loved by many women in the uk. If you are pregnant and looking for a good maternity bra or one to add to your hospital bag then i would highly recommend the next generation maternity bra.

Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 Goals

Well its now 2015 which means the start of a new year and all that new me stuff. I wasn't going to set myself any resolutions or goals this year but as we have been hit with a horrible viral infection and have been stuck in bed since new years eve i have actually had time to sit and reflect on the last year and how i would like to change a few things in my life. 2015 is going to be a big year for us as we will be welcoming another baby into our family, and as we dont plan on having any more this will complete our family.

For my blog:

Improve on my photography  I think alot of bloggers always aim to do the same and i really wanted to get a new DSLR but with a new baby on the way its just getting lower on the list so i have to try and work with the DSLR i have and learn more how to use it and edit properly. I have bought some box lights to help me take clearer pictures of products and i also want to start taking my camera out with me and capturing moments of Lilly's life. Im a visual person and i love blogs with clear crisp pictures and i always look at my own and it kind of puts me off my blog because i have a image of how i want things to look but they never seem to turn out that way.

Blog more I want to try and blog at least twice - three times a week. I also want to do more beauty posts and document my familys life a little more on here. I love looking back at old lifestyle posts and i want to do more of those types of posts along with my pregnancy updates.

For me:

Live a healthier life This would be the whole loose weight etc one but im obviously pregnant and its just not the rite time but i do want to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I put alot of crap into my body and before falling pregnant was eating a lot better and going for long walks and generally feeling better in myself. I want to start eating better and generally living a better lifestyle.

Remember those that matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter 2014 was actually not the best year for me as a person. I felt as though certain people in my life bought me down the beginning of the year and I kind of started to loose who I was. I'm generally a very kind person with a huge heart and just want to be happy and laugh as much as I can but I felt like a huge part of me was missing and I spent the year questioning myself. This year I want to focus on the people that matter and who love me for me and try to keep a positive outlook on things.

For our family

Family days out This is something I want to carry on from last year. We did a lot more days out last year and discovered new places to visit and family activities to do and I want to continue to find new things and place to go. Mikes job is very demanding which has the benefit that I'm able to be a stay at home mum but also the negative that he works a lot so spending time as a family is really important to both of us.

Get Lilly to eat meat and veg Yep that's rite Lilly refuses to eat meat or veg. In fact the last couple of weeks has refused most foods. I have to hide things in her food and if she realises I have put something in it she won't ever eat it again. I know toddlers go through fazes of not wanting to eat certain foods but Lilly has always been the same. I always cook her something different to me and we don't always eat at the same time and I really want to make a effort to eat the same things at the same time.

Start a project life scrapbook  recently watched lily pebbles video on her scarpbook and fell in love with the idea. Every couple of month I print photos of Lilly and have made a photo album each year of her life with photos of her growing up and changing so I can look back and when she's older she can too. As I want to take more photos of our family and special moments what better way to make a family scrap book. I love being creative and I want to do a scap book of photos of things we did each month.

So they are my goals for this year. I have kept them simple and completly do able so I will hopefully stick to them all. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year and also thank you to everyone that reads and follows my blog I appreciate every single one of you ��

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Hi everyone! Its new years eve and i haven't even posted anything about our Christmas I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year! I have been so busy preparing for Christmas, seeing family and friends and trying to get my house in some sort of order after the amount of new toys took over. We have now taken our Christmas tree down which is earlier than i usually do but it was the only chance we had before the new year.

This Christmas we decided to spend at home with just the three of us, which is the last year we will be a family of three! We have always been with our families Christmas day and thought it may be quiet and not like Christmas but we really had such a lovely day and having a toddler at Christmas really does add some Christmas magic! Christmas eve morning i gave Lilly her Christmas eve basket under the tree and we spent the day playing with whats inside then the afternoon we went over to mikes parents for dinner and to exchange gifts. The evening me and mike had to do the whole sneaking down stairs with presents and putting them under the tree. I was so excited to see Lilly's face when she saw all her presents and i was like a kid and couldn't sleep. Lilly is at the age where she gets excited and now knows what presents are and how to open them.

Christmas morning we gave Lilly her stocking in bed and she was so happy to open her little presents and would have been happy with just that. Then we went downstairs and tried to look outside to see if Santa had been and eaten his cookie but she wasn't interested and ran straight in the front room. She first just took the surprise eggs out of her peppa pig hamper then started ripping open her presents. She was so funny and only wanted to open the big presents, anything that looked liked clothes she didn't open at all! It was also the first year i have cooked a Christmas dinner. Although it was just for us three i tried to do it like our families do but we had a chicken instead of a turkey as we both aren't the biggest fan of turkey and i only really eat chicken. As if by chance i actually made my best roast dinner to date even after nearly burning my roast potatoes!

The rest of the evening we spent playing with Lilly's new toys and just enjoying every moment seeing Lilly happy is the best feeling in the world. Boxing day we went up to my mums and spent the day with my family. It then snowed, alot! It was raining then all of a sudden it started to snow which stuck and we had to leave quickly before it got too bad to drive. I love snow so much but when you have a long drive ahead it really wasn't welcomed that evening.

I hope you all have a safe New years and i look forward to 2015 which will be the year we complete our little family and continue to watch my Little baby grow into the little girl she is fast becoming!

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