Wednesday, 25 February 2015

39 week pregnancy update!

I am now 39 weeks + 3 and our little boy will officially be here before my due date! I am so big and in alot of pain. Even my maternity clothes are getting too tight and telling me its time to get this baby out! I haven't updated my pregnancy updates yet but on our last consultant appointment we decided that i was going to have a delayed elective c-section. Usually a elective is done on the day you turn 39 weeks but as i was still a little unsure about a natural birth the consultant has decided to delay it for a couple of days in the hope i go into labor naturally. I wont lie im so scared about having a c-section but i feel like its the rite thing for me to do. I have been a emotional wreck the last few weeks and not a day has gone by where i haven't thought about how this baby is coming!

I have had my pre op appointment, where they go through whats going to happen, take bloods and have given me some tablets to take the night before and on the day before my operation. She asked if i was ok and i burst into tears. I think i have so many emotions going through my head and it didnt help that on monday lilly fell down the stairs and cracked her head open and we had to have a ambalence come and check her then have her head glued. This scared me so much and i have never left Lilly for a night or even a day and my anxiety is already through the roof and having this happen is making me more upset.

Having said that at the pre op the midwife told me that baby boys head is extremly low and not to be surprised if i go into labour naturally and low and be hold i have been having mild contractions all night which have eased off slightly but are still coming so i may actually be having this baby naturally! Who knows! But i did have contractions for 4 days before Lilly made her way into the world so im not holding up any hope. The pains are really strong in my back and also in my legs and when i spoke to my midwife she said it could just be him pushing on a nerve.

With all the scared and sad emotions about leaving Lilly, i cant tell you how excited i am to meet this Little man! To know that by the weekend he will be in my arms is such an amazing feeling! We currently have 2 names, Mikes favorite and mine and we are waiting to see when he is born what we think suits him best.

I will update my instagram @aprilandlilly when he is born most likely if you are interested :)

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

What's in my baby's hospital bag

I am 39 weeks and i am due to have a c-section this week and thought it was about time i packed mine and baby's hospital bag! With Lilly i only packed enough things for staying 2 days. I also was told at my 3D scan at 28 weeks to prepare for a big baby so i packed only 0-3 months which were so big she looked ridiculous in everything so my mum had to go out and buy what she could in tiny baby for her. This time i have again been told he is big (they estimate 9lbs 8) but its a bit more accurate as i have regular growth scans but still everyone says that they can be wrong and he may be smaller. Before i knew his size i only had firsst size clothes packed, but now i have some newborn and two first size (just incase) and a pile of both sizes at home so mike can bring me more of whatever size if needed. 

I also packed a whole grooming set, towel, baby book and all that for Lilly and it was never used as my hospital dont allow you to bath them there so im not taking that this time. I have packed everything into my new storksak Olivia change bag, it has so much room and lots of different pockets to organize things. Here is everything i am taking for baby boy. I do also have nappies packed but they are in my bag as they wont fit.I was in hospital for 5 days with Lilly so i have packed for up to 5 days.

                                                                 4 new born sleep suits
2 first size sleep suits
5 short sleeved vests
    3 muslin cloths 
A blanket (i may take another incase)
 Going home outfit
Water wipes
2 Soothers (sterilized)
Baby powder
baby oil
Nail clippers

That is everything that i am taking, if i need anything else then Mike will be coming every day and can bring anything i need.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash | First Impressions

I'm sure everyone is now aware that Benefit have bought out a new mascara called roller lash. They have teamed up with Elle magazine to give a sample size of the mascara for us all to try before the actual mascara launches in March. Benefit already have the number 1 selling mascara 'They're real' which i have to admit i never got along with and i tried a sample size of it and never wanted to buy it. There is alot of hype over this new mascara and like the beauty lover i am i really wanted to try it. I am always looking for a new mascara to try as i haven't found THE perfect mascara for me and i need a water proof mascara to take to hospital with me.

As the name and all the pretty marketing suggests 'roller lash' is inspired by rollers. Just like how a roller adds curl and volume to the hair, and Benefit state its 'a roller for your lashes' I have little stumpy blonde eyelashes and i am really picky about what mascara i use a find some too 'wet' and others i have to apply so much to get the effect i want my lashes get really clumpy and i find myself picking it off (bad habit of mine) however when i first applied Roller lash i was pleasantly surprised. I really like the curved brush it really helps lift the lashes without too much hard work. This mascara has a curve setting formula which helps to set the curl in place for 12 hours, i cant comment on that yet as i haven't used it enough but it also has special conditioning ingredients for your lashes.

Roller lash is also waterproof which i am currently looking for as I'm about to give birth and I'm guessing there will be alot of tears. My first impressions from trying this is that it doesn't feel heavy or thick on my lashes and i don't have to apply loads of coats to get a dramatic effect that i like. It doesn't smudge or flake either, so many mascaras can give that panda eye look after a bit of wear but i didn't get that from roller lash. In my opinion this mascara is worth all the hype its getting and i will be purchasing the large one when its available.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancakes Our Way | Recipe

When it comes to pancake day there are so many fun things to add into your mixture to make them as naughty and tasty as possible! Mike loves his on pancake day with all the extras, lemon, syrup, chocolate the lot but me and Lilly just like ours with some chocolate spread in the middle and i add sugar to mine. I really used to hate pancakes, when i was a child the smell of my mum making pancakes used to make me feel sick but i now love them as a extra special treat.

There are so many ready made pancake mixes around at pancake day but they are so simple to make i would recommend trying them yourself, the quick, easy and taste so much better. I found a recipe last year when i first had Lilly try pancakes that has never failed me and even Mike says they taste better than his mums! I always use fry light to fry them in, i don't like the taste if i just add oil and think the overall texture is so much better with a few sprays of fry light in the pan before adding the mixture.

For the pancakes you will need:
200g plain flour
350ml milk
2 large eggs
1 tbs veg oil
A pinch of salt
fry light for frying

All you need to do now is mix everything together until smooth and no lumps and add some fry light to the pan, then add some of the mixture to the pan and fry for a couple of minutes on each side (i fry until the runny mixture on the top is slightly cooked) then flip over! 

We added dairy milk chocolate spread to ours today and they tasted so good!! What do you add in yours?! 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have never really been one for Valentines day but it is a excuse to bake some yummy cupcakes with Lilly. Our favorite thing to do together is bake, and although it can be a challenge with a toddler we always have fun. With it being Valentines day on Saturday i thought we would try and make some red velvet cupcakes, which is something i have never baked before but they are Valentines appropriate.

Although they didnt turn out very red, they are still very tasty even my fussy toddler was asking for more. The standard topping with red velvet is a cream cheese frosting, i really dont like cream cheese on cupcakes so we opted for a simple butter frosting and decorated with hearts which Lilly placed every single one on, one by one! I couldnt find any cute red cupcake cases so i just used these cute ones from asda which have cupcakes all over them. These cupcakes are a little more difficult to make than a standard vanilla cupcake but are so worth it. We used a recipe from Nigella's website which i will leave below.

  • 250 grams plain flour
  • tablespoons cocoa powder (sifted)
  • teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 100 grams soft unsalted butter
  • 200 grams caster sugar
  • heaped tablespoon -red food colouring
  • teaspoons vanilla extract
  • large eggs
  • 175 ml buttermilk
  • teaspoon cider vinegar

  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C/gas mark 3/325°F, and line 2 muffin tins with paper cases.
  1. Combine the flour, cocoa, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.
  1. In another bowl, cream the butter and sugar, beating well, and when you have a soft, pale mixture beat in the food colouring - yes all of it - and the vanilla.
  1. Into this vividly coloured mixture, still beating, add 1 spoonful of the dried ingredients, then 1 egg, followed by some more dried ingredients, then the other egg, followed by the rest of the dried ingredients. 
  1. Finally beat in the buttermilk and the vinegar and divide this extraordinary batter between the 24 cases.  Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes by which time the redcurrant-sorbet-coloured batter will have morphed into a more sombre, but still juicily tinted, sponge - more maroon acrylic than red velvet, to be honest.
  1. Leave them to cool on a wire rack and do not ice with the frosting till absolutely cold.

For the butter icing i used the standard 1 part butter to 2.5 icing sugar and mixed for about 10 mins until thick. If needed add 2 tablespoons of milk but dont add it until the end and only if needed.

Monday, 9 February 2015

37 week pregnancy update! baby number 2

I cant believe i am not 37 weeks which makes me full term! I feel like since i hit 30 weeks , the weeks have just flown by! Its hard to believe that within a few weeks we will be a family of 4 and i don't know if i feel ready for him to come yet in terms of being prepared for the big change but i am so ready to not be pregnant anymore! I know pregnancy is such an amazing thing and I'm extremely thankful and lucky to have a little baby growing inside me but I'm now at the point that I'm struggling and have had enough.

My bump is now bigger than it was 12 days over with Lilly and although i have ballooned weight wise again i haven't actually put on as much weight as i did the first time.The bump and extra weight is taking its toll on my body, I'm struggling to do the simplest of things and even getting out of bed is an issue. Baby boy is long just like Lilly and his head is right down in my pelvis and his feet are pushing under my ribs which is really uncomfortable and i cant properly bend to pick something up. I can no longer paint my toenails or even put on my underwear without a struggle!

I had my last VBAC appointment last week and discussed with her my concerns about VBAC and it was the first time i got upset when talking to someone else. I think as its getting closer those emotions are coming back and its hit me that I'm about to have a baby and possible end up with an emergency c-section again. Whenever a midwife or doctor has asked me if i am going to have a elective c-section and i say no i want to try VBAC i get a response like 'oh well done' or  ' oh really good girl' and the latest was 'keep hoping' which has taken alot of confidence away. I have my final consultant appointment at 38 weeks which will be the time i make the decision and either way im scared.

My belly button is now out, which i really don't like. I have also been having heart burn all day and at night which is horrible. I have also been having 'morning sickness' i don't feel sick but i have been sick a few times. I had the same with Lilly, my pregnancy's seem to be better in the beginning then i get all the symptoms after 34 weeks. I have been having lighting and also back pain in my lower back. Braxton hicks are also still hanging around mainly at night when I'm laying down.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Mothercare Haul

Near the hospital is a mother care so every time i have a appointment there it usually ends up with us going in and picking up some things for baby boy. I have left it until the later weeks of this pregnancy before buying the bigger things for him. With Lilly as soon as i found out she was a girl i bought everything straight away and probably wasted alot of money on things we didnt use/need. I think with your first baby its all new and exciting and you want to buy everything cute and pretty. 

We are re using the travel system Lilly had so we don't need to buy a new pushchair or car seat however I'm expecting to probably buy a double pushchair in a few month when he is a bit older depends on how Lilly is with walking everywhere. This pregnancy i made a list of everything i saw that i wanted throughout and then things got crossed off and new ones added until i was 100% sure i wanted them so i didn't make impulse purchases. This trip to mothercare was to buy some of the bigger items for baby boy. I have been looking at swings for ages and couldn't decide which one i wanted to get, i really wanted one that swings both ways and ended up with the Graco snuggle swing. I found alot of the swing aimed at boys were really bright and i didn't want a swing that was too colourful  (i will save that for his jumperoo)

I was undecided on whether to get a play mat for this baby. Lilly hated her play mat and never used it. I was trying to decided between this play mat and a baby bean bag and i went for this play mat, which looks super soft and cuddly to keep on the middle floor if I'm bathing Lilly or shes playing in her room he can lay on this whilst i do house work. It was only £34.99 and is a cute bear with 3 stages from the loved so much range at mother care.

I picked up a blue and white change mat for only £3.49! Its just to keep downstairs as his nursery is on our top floor (which he will never sleep in as we are looking to move house) so to save going all the way up there i can just change him downstairs or for after bath time. I also picked up the angel care bath seat. I knew i wanted this before i got pregnant. Friends of mine raved about it and how easy it was to bath a newborn in. I hated Lilly's baby bath it was so awkward to hold her and get everything to wash her where as this seat keeps baby in position so you can have two fully functional hands and it just sits in your bath. It also comes in pink for girls.

I forgot to take a picture of the tommee tippee perfect prep machine, again another purchase i wanted before i got pregnant. This came out after i finished formula feeding Lilly and i wished it was out when i had Lilly as it would have made things so much easier.I bought it a few weeks ago when it was on offer and its now back up to £120 but it always seems to be on offer. I plan on doing a full review on this when i have used it but in a nut shell it makes a bottle in under 2mins at the perfect temperature for baby so there isn't any time waiting for it to cool down. We also picked up this super soft cloud blanket for £12,99 and a pack of two bibs, one with boats on and just another plain blue one.